Rachael's Fit Meals

Complete Nutrition Weight Gain

$ 145.00

We have teamed up with Complete Nutrition and selected ten combinations, which stay between 450-650 calories each to help customers meet their weight gain.

Day 1

Lunch: Chicken + Coconut Sweet Potatoes + Cauliflower "Rice"

Dinner: Mahi + Baked Sweet Potato + Green Beans

Day 2

Lunch: Meatloaf + Baked Sweet Potato + Smothered Cabbage

Dinner: Tuna + Whole Okra + Green Beans

Day 3

Lunch: Snapper + Asparagus + Brussels Sprouts

Dinner: Mahi + Whole Okra + Green Beans

Day 4

Lunch: Tuna + Green Beans + Brussels Sprouts

Dinner: Chicken + Cauliflower "Rice" + Smothered Cabbage

Day 5

Lunch: Meatloaf + Coconut Sweet Potatoes + Whole Okra

Dinner: Catfish + Baked Sweet Potato + Asparagus

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